Ralph Lauren autumn and winter fashion publishing in New York

Ralph Lauren New York Fashion Week gave a positive, hopeful ending. Against the dark period of his way is to let the sun shine in, say quite straightforward. Yes, he is opening with a little black dress, but he quickly into the old tweed suits, soft pastel colors wool, velvet dresses and beautiful world, and finally ending with antique ivory and gold. At the same time he also incidentally shows that very beautiful coat and elegant evening wear accessories, those Fair Isle knit sweater pattern is used to express a little of his pro-British attitude of worship doctrine way.

As a positive response to the economic crisis preparation, Ralph Lauren’s show highlights a number of comfortable jacket. Herringbone tweed above a beautiful golden embroidery, they even sheepskin and wool embroidery on the still chubby Mongolian lamb, as well as to look like Oliver Twist wearing colored pieces of cloth sewn together coat. Evening gown modeling the end of this show, shimmering dress filed out, different materials: ivory silk, satin gray or golden silk vintage material. The most striking is undoubtedly a very slim silver close chest wrapped skirt, and a pink chiffon Skirt, they are quite shine. Ralph Lauren took at least 15 minutes to let you believe that everything will be alright.

Zhang Ziyi Cannes ultimately Ralph Lauren bag

Recently, invited to attend the Cannes Film Festival in Cannes airport was Zhang Ziyi media containment, smiling lemon holding her handbag for a time became the most to steal the spotlight of the Department, it is Ralph Lauren’s Soft Ricky handbags, this star bags, unique design much like European and American actress, you know it today with charm.

2005, founder Ralph Lauren launched Soft Ricky Bag for their own brands. Mrs. Ralph Lauren handbag section is for Muse casual classic original Ricky Bag of money. Named by Mrs. seen this handbag is definitely a long-term strategy.

But a handbag, countless disputes. Some confusion in a dignified American big, why should so obviously a sign of plagiarism Hermes Birkin bag. The brand is so interpreted, Soft Ricky to consumers created considerable value, use the same rare alligator style, Birkin prices higher than the Soft Ricky doubled, and equestrian theme is not patent, anyone can use. Sure enough, Soft Ricky price not much higher, the style also stand the test of time. So far, this has been hard hit has become a classic brand handbags indelible.

Cheap Ralph Lauren Clothes Brand Profile

Lift the style simple, comfortable, reflect the personality of POLOT shirts, many people will think of the three known American fashion designer Ralph Lauren, one of the fashion industry and is known for “American classic” RALPH LAUREN brand. Ralph Lauren is with a deep sense of American atmosphere of high taste fashion, style is highly stylized Ralph Lauren name of two famous brands, “Ralph Lauren Women” and “Polo Men” common characteristics , Ralph Lauren fashion is a fusion fantasy, romance, innovation and inspiration of classical presentation, all the design details of the structure will not be eliminated in one of the values ​​of the time. The main consumer class is moderate or higher income consumers and celebrities, and comfortable, affordable good wear Ralph Lauren POLO shirt, whether in Europe or Asia, almost everyone has become a wardrobe essential clothing styles!

Brand series:

In addition to fashion, Ralph Lauren brand also includes fragrance, children’s clothing, household and other products. Ralph Lauren is an outline of the American dream: the long grass, antique crystal, the name Marble horse. Ralph Lauren products: whether it is clothing or furniture, whether it is perfume or containers, have catered to the upper class customers yearning for a perfect life. Or as Mr. Ralph Lauren himself, said: “The purpose of my design is to achieve the dream of people’s minds – the best imaginable reality.” Ralph Lauren fashion design fusion fantasy, romance, innovation and inspiration of classical presentation, all the details of the structure is not in a time-out values​​.

Ralph Lauren Polo shirt is committed to pushing high-end smart fitness tracking

OMsignal startups have been developing a series of intelligent monitoring features sportswear; while the high-end brand Ralph Lauren has been to sports, technology and art and costumes combined with its mission, these ideas led to the two brands of cooperation, according to the New York Times reported that the two companies jointly preparing to launch a high-end intelligent monitoring Polo Shirts, will show the world the United States Golf Open.

Imagine the future of printed iconic Polo Ralph Lauren polo shirt logo is not just a symbol of casual style, and can be transferred to the sports and fitness signal intelligence applications, through the intelligent application of the monitoring exercise and health. A veteran with a long history of high-end clothing business is how smart sportswear with a dedicated start-ups to achieve cooperation? Ralph Lauren’s son, the company’s senior vice president, market operations and cooperation and exchanges David Lauren for us to answer this question.

“Everyone is looking forward to wearable devices such as smart or intelligent bracelet watch, hoping that the trend of fashion shoes, like when we see (OMsignals smart sports apparel) this new technology, we decided to skip (or smart watches smart bracelet). ”

The Canadian startups OMsignal always thought that the current wearable devices do not provide enough convenience to the user. So they put the clothes into a portable fitness tracking devices.

Korean actor dressed in a black Ralph Lauren dress at The Royal Marsden Dinner

Ralph Lauren is a classic fashion apparel brands from the United States, and its products with a deep sense of American style, a blend of classic and fashion, comfort and on a big idea to the designer’s perfect little dress to reveal every detail of all the pursuit of high quality of life, is not time-out value is the sublimation of the brand Ralph Lauren. Whether in Europe or Asia, Ralph Lauren has become the upper and upper-class consumers in the love of celebrity wardrobe each end who seems to always have such a thing, the quality of life to pursue what are you waiting for? Ralph Lauren’s official website went sea Amoy it, feel the real quality, taste tall still life.
Korean actor Ko Wing dressed in a black leather Ralph Lauren silk evening gown to attend the Windsor held England The Royal Marsden Dinner.

Stitching leather and silk to make dresses firmness and flexibility, but also show the two sides of a woman capable of tenderness.

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What about Ralph Lauren polo shirt

The arrival of hot weather, so polo ralph lauren shirt in this season of concern, we want to be able to wear summer polo ralph lauren shirt to show the influx of people taste! So how Ralph Lauren polo shirt? Why are there so many people in pursuit of this brand? following a Ralph Lauren polo shirt look how about it? Ralph Lauren polo shirt how? fact, Ralph Lauren is with a deep sense of American atmosphere of high taste fashion, style height style is the Ralph Lauren name two famous brands “Ralph Lauren Women” and “Ralph Lauren Men” common characteristics, Ralph Lauren fashion is a fusion fantasy, romance, innovation and inspiration of classical presentation All the design details of the structure is not in a time-out values??. The main consumer class is moderate or higher income consumers and celebrities. Ralph Lauren polo shirt kind of how expensive the design for Ralph Lauren, the style is the necessary foundation for highly stylized fashion, fashion should not only wear one season, but should be no time limit eternal . POLO brand series of fashion, from American history and tradition, yet close to life. It implies a high quality of life for Ralph Lauren won the Association of Fashion Designers of America Award for life achievement era. Ralph Lauren polo shirt how kind of green men without buckle casual long-sleeved Polo shirt. Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s always a man living on both sides behaved in a clear and natural. Work or leisure in a compact manner lazy mood to let you glance. The men’s long-sleeved shirt Polo use both lively and calm dark green as clothing melody, so that men’s wardrobe bring Revitalizing side. Orange and blue stripes stitching brought into the design layer. Classic chest embroidery and letters behind the brand’s philosophy supplement Logo perfect pass.

Ralph Lauren Brand

Ralph Lauren brand identity:
1 Polo logo: This is the most famous symbol of Ralph Lauren, Polo Ralph Lauren choose from aristocratic brand LOGO, you can associate the origins of clothing he designed.
2.POLO shirt: by Ralph Lauren created by the POLO shirt, short in front long hem, it is playing polo for forward movement and design charge.
3 cotton long-sleeved shirt: This is almost Safe Ralph Lauren classic styles for men and women, to go with a formal suit, narrow skirt, very American flavor.
4 American flag logo: cowboy wear the best expression of the American spirit, because Ralph Lauren with the American flag to symbolize.

Brand history of this century 40 years of Anglo-American upper class life, wild west, old movies, 1930s Ralph Lauren products rods and old ball players are Ralph Lauren design rich source of inspiration. In the simple style of Sheikh references to aspects of fashion design, it should be said Ralph Lauren denied. He claimed “no masterpiece, no sketches, some just try.” October 14, 1939, in New York, Bronx born in a middle-class Jewish family. 1951, after 12 years of school to go to work, Ralph, but then he has been able to very decent clothes, so this is not expensive clothes look very stylish. · Lauren in Manhattan design school design, while clerks at two glove companies. 1967, in tie manufacturing company called A.Rivetz do designers, and began to build his fashion empire. 1967, while working at A.Rivetz company began to design a wide tie. 1968, with the popularity of his designs tie and a $ 50,000 loan to build the Polo fashion company, began his career businessman. He chose the name Polo because of its style and trademark always arouse interest in branded products. · The late 1960s, Bloomingdale’s Narrow tie replaced Lavr style, wide-style tie is rejected sold in any department stores. But with the success of Polo brand, retailers are the eyes and quickly returned to the Lavr body. In the early 1980s, the simple style of Sheikh reference to the field of fashion design, and began focusing on simple design.

Cheap Ralph Lauren Clothes of American fashion brand

Cheap Ralph Lauren Clothes are a deep breath of high taste American fashion

brand, style is its highly stylized features. Values ??ralph lauren men

fashion design fusion fantasy, romance, innovation and inspiration of

classical presentation, all the details of the structure is not in a time-out

on. Ralph Lauren’s main consumer class is moderate or higher income consumers

and celebrities, and comfortable, good wear affordable Cheap Ralph Lauren,

whether in Europe or Asia, almost everyone has become a wardrobe essential

clothing styles!

Ralph Lauren fashion brand with a strong American flavor know? “Friends”

Rachel is working clothing company Ralph Lauren; in “Sex and the City” Miranda

was holding his son on the fashion party planner, said: “My son was wearing

Ralph Lauren . “and people living in the city should be on the” trademark

Ralph Lauren “is even more strange, they come from the fashion empire –

RalphLauren companies. Show “American classic” The Legend of clothing to focus

on the integration of the Wild West, Indian culture, the old Hollywood feeling

of “American style”, was marked by “American Classic” label. Its design style

highlight personal charm, style and fashion has nothing to do firmly believe,

fashion fleeting, but style remains.

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